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The FTC is holding hearings on the issue of Digital Rights Management (DRM) and End User Licensing Agreements (EULAs).  The ECA respects the careful balance that must exist between the content community and the customer, and agree, that piracy is an ever-present challenge for the trade; it is also becoming evident that consumer rights are being diminished.

We acknowledge that these are weighty and topically-important issues, without easy solutions, and we are pleased to see the FTC providing a forum for thoughtful discussion of the matter.  We wanted to give you, the consumer, an opportunity to express your opinions on DRM, which will be delivered to the FTC.

Read ECA President Hal Halpin's statement regarding the FTC Town Hall Meeting to address digital rights management technologies.

We also encourage you to express your opinions on Twitter.  Add #FTCDRM to your Tweets to join the protest.

Sign the petition below and add your comment.

What are your opinions on DRM and EULAs?

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