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Tell Congress to Support Universal Broadband and Net Neutrality Now!

Net Neutrality and Universal Broadband are not only great for America; they allow us to play the games we want at high speeds!

Now is the time to act and let our voices be heard.  The new stimulus package that Congress is moving rapidly on has exciting provisions for Universal Broadband and Net Neutrality.  As has been reported, the Senate has stripped Broadband expansion from their version of the stimulus plan.  We are asking Congress to reinstate the $6 billion for Broadbnd expansion.  In its current form, the bill also requires that any infrastructure built with the grant money has "open access basis" which would be defined by the new administration's FCC, but which seems to mirror Network Neutrality guidelines.

ECA believes that Universal Broadband and Net Neutrality are vital for the development of the national infrastructure, and believes that this bill is an important opportunity to let Congress know that you agree.  Everyone should have access to fast, reliable Internet connections.  ECA also believes that believes that national investment in information infrastructure will help America in the present economic climate as well as foster Americans competing in the global marketplace.

Congress is moving quickly on the stimulus package, so the time to act is now.  Tell your Representative and Senators that you are in favor of Net Neutrality and Universal Broadband, and that they strengthen America's information infrastructure by supporing the stimulus plan.

June 30, 2022


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