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On Tuesday January 14th, advocates of free speech and an open internet were delivered a blow when the Court of Appeals for the D.C. circuit struck down the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) Net Neutrality rules in Verizon v. FCC.

Net Neutrality protects consumers from internet providers slowing down, degrading, or even blocking online content or access. If your internet provider provides you an internet phone service, they then can’t block a competitor. If your internet service provider also provides movies or television shows, they then can’t also block sites that belong to their competitors. Also, companies can’t enter deals and pay to block content or deliver their services quicker, leaving their competition at a disadvantage. The idea of Net Neutrality is to keep the internet a free and open platform for innovation and expression.

Members of Congress with H.R. 3982, and the Senate, S. 1981, have introduced legislation to keep Net Neutrality the law of the land until the FCC devises better mechanisms that comply with the court’s decision.

There are reports that Verizon is already throttling customers and AT&T has applied for patents to better track downloads and bandwidth use with a rewards system built in. They’re already showing their anti-consumer intentions.

Write your Congressmen, and Senators and tell them to support this legislation!