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Tell the FCC To Give Us the Net Neutrality We Were Promised

On December 21, the FCC will meet and it’s reported that FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski will outline his Net Neutrality proposal with a vote before the end of the year.  Instead of the preservation of a neutral internet where traffic is treated equally, we have heard that the proposal would:

* Require wired broadband providers to let subscribers access all legal content, applications, and services with the flexibility to manage network congestion and spam as long as they publicly disclose their network management approach.

* Allow broadband providers to experiment with dedicated networks to route traffic from specialized services like smart grids and home security systems as long as they don't hurt the public internet.

* Permit tiered pricing.

This is not a “neutral internet” and fails for the following reasons:

* It exempts wireless – wireless carriers might not be able to “block” content, but under this proposal they would be able to “discriminate.”

* Expect paid priority and toll roads - Under these rules the toll roads demanded by Comcast to Netflix would be legal and standard practice.  Internet Service Providers would be free to create bumps in the road to access content or even degrade a service to the point it’s not usable, unless they pay up.

* The enforcement and definition of “lawful content” is unclear – torrent and peer-to-peer sites have a place in disseminating information quickly and easily.  Unfortunately it is used for piracy as well.  Will the technology be thrown out with the bathwater?

This is changing the definition of Net Neutrality and yet declaring ”mission accomplished.”

The Net Neutral principle was stated as a goal of President Obama’s upon his election.  Net Neutrality benefits us consumers and we need to speak up to make sure that we get the law of the land we were promised.  Write to the FCC today!

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