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Support Net Neutrality

Recently, Google and Verizon announced their joint principles when it comes to network neutrality. It’s clear that their seven principles would in fact create a tiered internet, further dividing the haves and the have-nots, and seriously hurting American consumers’ rights. While their two main goals are admirable, their customers should choose what content, applications, and devices they use.

Their fifth principle would create an a-la-cart internet, akin to cable television, which would “allow broadband providers to offer additional, differentiated online services, in addition to the Internet access and video services (such as Verizon's FIOS TV) offered today.” While they claim they don’t want this to be an “out” and to circumvent other rules, this would be allowing the foxes to guard the chicken coop. Unfortunately, we would quickly see premium game services that you’d have to pay extra for, and would create walled gardens of services.

Their sixth principle also differentiates between wired and wireless services. As you probably know, wireless broadband is the future of internet services. In fact this principle says that they encourage the FCC to “not now apply most of the wireline principles to wireless” services. Unfortunately, this is backwards in that the lack of interference from ISP providers has allowed innovation online and should continue in the wireless market. They want free rein to accelerate pricing in the entire internet market as ISPs move more into wifi technologies.

In the end, their seven principles, along with recent closed door meetings between telecommunication lobbyists and the FCC, are disturbing and could easily result in our consumer rights being diminished.

Net Neutrality affects your online gaming experience. Speak out today and tell the FCC to take a stand and enshrine it to protect all consumers.